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A Remnant Shall Return - Large Print
Large Print version  $19.50                   320 words/page (8.5×11)
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                    Audio Book $20.00 



The purpose of this site is not to sell books and products, but rather to provide information – thus the entire content of this book has been made available online. However, if you are like me, it is easier to study something in depth when you can touch it, highlight it, and make notes in the margins. These books are provided for this purpose and are a cost effective alternative to printing each chapter out online. Printing from home will consume more than a ream of paper.   If you prefer to have an actual book, Click on the image of the version you prefer, large or small print – the difference in price represents the difference in printing costs. All books are sold through – an Amazon affiliated company. Please  feel free to share this information with as many people as you can.