I created this website for the sole purpose of educating people about the events leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ – particularly as those events relate to the Restoration of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. I have written this book to be a study guide to assist people in arriving to their own conclusions based upon the scriptural record regarding this important subject. It is entirely scriptural based, with approximately 700 hundred scriptural references cited.

Within this site you can find the entire text to my book – A Remnant Shall Return. The purpose of this site is not to sell my book, but to provide easy access to this information in the scriptures. I feel very strongly that people need to know this subject matter much better than most currently do. If we are to learn the depth and width of spiritual things, we must do so by the spirit. Men have a tendency to mingle their own ideas in with the gospel. It is almost impossible not to do so.  Therefore, the reader should be very leery of know-it-all men, myself included, that seem to have everything figured out.

I wrote this book, so it should come as no surprise that both contain my insights and opinions upon the subject matter. I readily acknowledge upfront that I believe my opinions represent scatter plots around the line of prophetic reality.  I am not a prophet, nor do I pretend to have obtained this information in any unconventional manner. For most people, the information in the book will be surprising. This is only because it is a topic that they have never seriously considered.  It has always been there, the only thing that is new is your awareness of it.  Therefore I invite readers to study this subject for themselves. Keep my opinions in perspective. Consider them as a resource for obtaining truth, rather than as the truth itself. Pure truth comes from God, not from me. Spiritual truth should be accompanied by the Spirit’s ratifying witness. If as you read this book, you feel the confirmation of the Holy Ghost, consider what that means, and likewise for the Spirit’s absence.

Given the complexity and prophetic nature of this subject matter, I am positive that I have made some errors. Expect them. I invite you to share your insights on the comment fields of each respective chapter. In this way others will have the benefit of your insights as well.  I feel the need to borrow these words from Moroni:

Condemn me not because of mine imperfection…but rather give thanks unto God that He hath made manifest unto you [my] imperfections, that ye may learn to be more wise than [I] have been.[6]

I believe that the magnitude, scope and resulting consequences of the Lord’s covenants to Israel will rival anything the world has ever seen. Outside of the atonement, it is without reservation the most awe-inspiring topic I have ever come across. It is often spoken of, but only superficially. They have a preeminent role in the events leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Not only should we know these things, we have been commanded by the Lord to study them. For those with eyes to see, the evidence, both scriptural and temporal is overwhelming that now is the time that these events are to unfold. I hope you enjoy and benefit from the diligent study of this subject.

May the Lord bless you,

Michael B. Rush


  1. It is now 2:45 am and I just finished reading your book for the first time. I read your book in two long reading sessions. I can’t remember the last time I did that with my limited free time with my extremely busy schedule. I am grateful to your brother Greg for sharing this with me. I was doing some rock skipping several months ago and I had two thoughts. The first about the hebrew exodus and the second about chiasmus patterns in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I thought that the Lord would in some way mirror the hebrew exodus in these latter-days. As I read your book, I know looking back on this point that the Lord was preparing me to receive this. This work you have done motivates me to understand and put much greater effort into my scripture study, not just studying for what is likely soon to come events but to understand the doctrines of the Gospel more fully and completely. I am regretful that although I read my scriptures regularly it does demonstrate my need to ponder them much more fully than I have been in the habit of doing the last several years. May the Lord bless you and your family as we more diligently fill our lamps.

    • Michael

      I have only written one book, its available via the store, if you bought a series it is likely by someone else. It has a roaring lion on the cover. I’m glad you are going to study this topic. It is amazing!

  2. Thank you for the work you have put in to research. I will read your book. We live in exciting times. Check out a book called “The Unfolding of God’s Work in the Last Days”. Perhaps you will find some additional insights on the sequence of last days events and their time lines.

    Greg Ranger

  3. Robert Madsen

    I would love to read chapters 29-32. Can I have access to them?

    Thank you for publishing your writings! They are very interesting to read and also inspiring to me.

  4. William Hawkes

    I’m interested in reading chapters 29 – 32
    I would also like to purchase your book but seem to have trouble doing so through the links

    • Michael

      You may need to purchase the book from Amazon. The protected chapters are only available to people that have read the entire book, either online or otherwise. Once you have finished it shoot me an email.

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