Chapter One – Mortal Men and Mysteries

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Isaiah prophesied that the Book of Mormon would whisper from the dust in the latter-days. I have learned that this is true, but the volume of that whispered message corresponds to the depth of study. A casual reading will certainly glean some fruit, but far less than the copious harvest that sacred book holds for those that diligently seek with real intent. In the not too distant past, I spent many hours pondering the Book of Mormon’s origins and translation. While doing so, I felt a strong prompting that I needed to carefully study certain sections.

As I began this study, words began to jump from the pages at me. Phrases burned into my mind. Sentence structures, word placements, definitions, alternative references, and concepts were all seen in ways I had never before considered. It profoundly changed the way I understood things – in much the same way 3D glasses dramatically change certain images. Things I had considered flat suddenly became rich and multidimensional.

This new perspective made all the difference. I felt like an explorer of old, with the hand of inspiration guiding me through familiar terrain, yet with the scales removed from my eyes enabling me to see a new world beneath the surface. When I would sit down to write my thoughts regarding certain passages, I would end up writing for hours on end, afterwards being amazed by the additional insights that only came to me after I had put pen to paper. It is this perspective that I wish to communicate to the readers of this book.

In order for me to be able to accomplish this, I first need to highlight some of our mortal propensities and limitations. As the spiritual offspring of celestial parents, we have infinite potential. However, due to the fall, we have inherited shortcomings. Our natures are fallen, and our understanding has darkened. For the most part, the collective wisdom of humanity is not based upon truth, but rather our own muddled interpretations of experience and empirical data. This is as true for the physical world in which we find ourselves as it is for the spiritual. From both realms, men assimilate information and then process that information through the filter of past experience and interpretation. Regardless of their accuracy, perceptions thus derived become our reality – until experience proves them wrong.

As the Great Apostasy so aptly demonstrated, spiritual knowledge is uniquely subject to false interpretation. Such limitations exist to one extent or another, even among the Holy Men of God. Enoch, one of the most righteous men to have ever lived, had an incorrect understanding of the Lord. His life long perception of God was changed the instant he saw in vision, the Lord of Heaven and Earth weep at the suffering of His children, and their subjection to Satan[1]. Nothing Enoch knew, or thought he knew, prepared him for a loving God who weeps at the suffering of His children. However, it was not God who changed; but rather Enoch’s understanding of Him. The same is true of Moses. Moses was raised in the courts of Pharaoh, the most powerful man on Earth. Upon meeting the Lord, Moses was overcome by the utter insignificance and comparative nothingness of man, which thing he never had supposed.[2]

There is not a mortal person alive today that sees all things as they truly are. This was true of the prophets of old, and it is true today. Everything we know, or think we know, has come to us through the filter of our mortal minds. Thus, the twelve apostles could sit at the foot of Jehovah and hear the master, yet not understand Him. He told them plainly that the Jews would kill Him, and that He would rise again the third day, and yet they were still completely dumbfounded when both events occurred. They had heard the Savior speak the words, but incorrectly attributed their own understanding for their meanings. Nothing like it had ever happened before.  To what could they have compared it historically? As such, they were obscure sayings unto them, which were only to be understood in retrospect.

Mathew went to great lengths to demonstrate in his gospel writings how prophetic scripture was fulfilled in Christ’s life. However, the meanings of those prophecies became clear to him only in hindsight.  He too was baffled along side his peers when the actual events were happening. It did not have to be this way. In fact, Christ often chastised His apostles because of their lack of understanding. Thus, sadly it appears that for most of us, even when truth is given in whole, it is received only in part. Thus, if we rely too heavily upon the filters of past experience, as it was for them, so shall it be for us. Consider the following verses from the New Testament:

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then [after the fact] shall I know even as also I am known.[3]

Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be.[4]

Such are the disadvantages of mortality, and the carnal minds of men. We bitterly struggle, argue, and debate over the historical accuracy of our own history. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that events of a prophetic nature could be greatly obscured, and usually only fully understood by the masses after the fact. Consider the following illustrative graph.

Scatter Point

This graph attempts to illustrate how prophetic events occur on a straight and narrow line, with men’s interpretations of such events showing up as scatter plots around the line. Given our limitations, men’s interpretations of prophetic scripture are not likely to line up perfectly with how events will unfold. We have predetermined biases that skew our thinking and assumptions. This was part of the problem for the Apostles of old. Rather than ask questions, they presumed answers. How much of modern revelation was only received after a question was put to the Lord? There is a reason the Lord choose an unlearned farm boy, rather than a gospel scholar to restore the gospel. It would be difficult to instruct a man in the depth and richness of the gospel if he already presumed to know all the answers.

If we likewise presume rigid interpretations of future events based solely on prior experience and teachings of men, what hope have we of understanding things that have never happened before, such as the future.

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?[5]

If we are to learn the depth and width of spiritual things, we must learn them by the spirit. Even so, prophetic events are complicated, and even the humblest of men do not always know the right questions to ask. Therefore, short of receiving the right questions to ask from the Spirit itself, or actually seeing the event in vision, most men are not likely to obtain a perfect understanding of events before hand. Therefore, the reader should be very leery of know-it-all men, myself included, that seem to have everything figured out.

I wrote this book, so it should come as no surprise that it contains my insights and opinions upon the subject matter. I readily acknowledge upfront that I believe my opinions represent scatter plots around the line of prophetic reality. However, for most this prophetic line of which I speak has never even been seriously considered. Therefore I invite readers to study this subject for themselves. Keep my opinions in perspective. Consider them as a resource for obtaining truth, rather than as the truth itself. Pure truth comes from God, not from men, and is always accompanied by the Spirit’s ratifying witness. If, as you read this book, you feel the confirmation of the Holy Ghost, consider what that means.  Likewise consider the Spirit’s absence. I feel the need to borrow these words from Moroni:

Condemn me not because of mine imperfection…but rather give thanks unto God that He hath made manifest unto you [my] imperfections, that ye may learn to be more wise than [I] have been.[6]

The purpose of this book is to introduce a perspective that I have found to be “mind broadening”. It is a sub-theme embedded within the Book of Mormon – the Lord’s covenants to Israel, and their latter-day ramifications. I believe that the magnitude, scope and resulting consequences of the Lord’s covenants to Israel will rival anything the world has ever seen. Outside of the atonement it is, without reservation, the most awe-inspiring topic I have ever come across. It is often spoken of, but only superficially. They have a preeminent role in the events leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Undoubtedly, some will flatly dismiss the conclusions drawn within this book, while others will, in wonder, see things with eyes made new. For those with eyes to see, the evidence, both scriptural and temporal, is overwhelming that now is the time that these events are to unfold. This subject matter is incredible, and without precedent.

You will find that this book is not an easy read. It will require your full and disciplined attention, much more like a textbook than a novel. However, I can promise you that if you will diligently read it through once, you will want to study it in depth again and again and again. Therefore I would encourage you, on your first reading, to try to read without sinking too deeply into the hundreds of different references cited within the book. On your first time through, seek to obtain a solid macro understanding of the subject matter. I would then encourage you to read the book more deeply, studying the many scriptures in their original context. Compare my interpretations to the promptings of the Spirit.  Doing so cannot help but produce beneficial results.

On their own, my reasoning and insights make a very poor substitute for the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Thoughtfully consider the message of this book with that in mind. I am absolutely certain that there is something to the pattern this book identifies – something of great and terrible importance to our day.

This work will analyze separate first hand accounts from several prophets who knew much regarding these events: namely Ezra, Nephi, Isaiah, Jesus Christ, Moroni, and John the Revelator. The witnesses of many other prophets will likewise be used, to corroborate and clarify these teachings. Each subsequent account, will further establish the patterns and prophecies noted by the previous accounts. To be able to get the whole picture, all sections must be read. From the very beginning I will express opinions based on the perspective of my overall understanding rather than the insights gleaned from one particular passage or section. The insights gleaned from all accounts are critical in understanding and interpreting the whole.

All of the sections in this book are related in interesting ways. The Apostle John is mentioned by name three times in the Book of Mormon, by three different people, Nephi, Christ, and Moroni. The same three individuals also quoted Isaiah extensively. I will demonstrate that this was no coincidental occurrence.

In the first section, I will provide an overview of the events of the latter-days as provided in the book of 2nd Esdras from the Apocrypha. This is meant to provide context for the events that will be described in all subsequent sections. Next, I will review Nephi’s sweeping vision of the future of the Americas. The following section discusses the dominant themes of the Isaiah chapters included in the Book of Mormon, why Nephi transcribed them, and what they mean. The next section will then focus on the powerful teachings of the Great God of Israel to the Nephites regarding the latter-days, wherein He greatly expounds upon the words of Isaiah. The fifth section focuses on Moroni’s testimony of these things both anciently and in his first visitation to Joseph Smith. Of all Moroni’s visits to Joseph, this is the only one that was repeated verbatim four times in a row – there is tremendous significance to this fact. The last section will include an analysis of the words and teachings of John the Revelator.

It is my great hope that readers will do their best to approach this work with an open, unbiased mind, free of preconceived notions. I am confident that if such is the case, the scriptures will speak to the reader, and you will feel the same wonder and awe that I myself have felt. Remember, in order to learn the Lord’s way, you must have ears to hear and eyes to see. It is by the still small voice of the Holy Ghost we may know the truths of all things, therefore, listen for it.

Chapter Two

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[2] Moses 1:10

[3] 1 Corinthians 13:12

[4] 1 John 3:2

[5] Isaiah 43:19

[6] Mormon 9:30-31

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  1. Amy

    I am just getting into the book but yes I would like a copy in book format. Am quite anxious to read this book and will let you know how it goes.
    Thank you so much.

    • Michael

      This is an important question Gloria, I’m glad you asked it. In contemplating the answer, you need to decide what qualifies someone to truly understand the scriptures? William Tyndall, the man responsible for translating the King James version of the Bible, stated that he hoped his work would enable the young boy driving the plow to understand more about the scriptures than the Pope. He felt so strongly that he gave his life for the cause. I believe that the purest spiritual knowledge comes from God, not men. From the world’s point of view, I don’t have any credentials that would have qualified me for this work. This book is an instrument to help you find the truth, it represents my personal opinions on the subject, only the Holy Ghost can teach you with any degree of certainty what the actual truth regarding this subject is. As will all things spiritual, study it sincerely, seek understanding from the Lord, and draw your own conclusion with His guidance. He is the only truly qualified subject matter expert.


    Can I download it on my iPad and then read it without having the Internet? I’m at our family cabin and am reading this on my phone. Happy to pay for it ☺.

    • Michael

      I tried to create a ebook version, but the formatting was really bad. It would drive you crazy. It would require me to get have a professional to properly format it. You can get a hard copy from the online store, Amazon, print individual chapters – which would turn out to be quite voluminous, or open up multiple web pages on your phone with a separate chapter on each page. For this kind of reading, I’m a hardcopy kind of guy.

  3. Bill Watts

    Michael. The friend that forwarded The link to me told me that the time line was incorrect, that the president, Vp. Speaker of the house and senate would die the first year that they were elected. Is that correct. Is there any other changes that you have discovered since the writing of the book.

    • Michael

      Hello Bill,

      This question is in relation to the timing of the events described in Ezra’s eagle. Your friend is giving you his opinion, there is nothing in Ezra’s vision that requires this events to take place within the first year of the next Presidential term. In fact, the previous two short feathers, JFK and Nixon both served more than two years before they were removed from office. What Ezra does say is that the next president will be “setup” but shortly appear no more, and that the subsequent President will serve for event less time than he, with the following two thinking in their hearts to serve but being devoured by the Eagle’s heads before they get the chance. This could take place in the first year, but it could also take place anytime during this presidents first or even second term (Nixon was a short feather and he was in his second term).

      Ezra also describes two additional presidents that will serve once America is restored to its prior state. Filling in the blanks beyond this requires the use of ones imagination, and should be recognized as such.

    • Michael

      John describes the silence in heaven lasting about the space of half an hour. The term “about” indicates to me that it is around this time frame, but not exactly. From the perspective of 1000 years to one day, 30 mins after the opening of the 7th seal would be 2021. However, 25 mins is about a half an hour and would be the equivalent of 2017. In conjunction with the vision described in Ezra’s Eagle, my opinion is that an event of tremendous magnitude will happen sometime between 2017 and 2021, which corresponds with Trump’s first elected term in office. However, 35 mins is also about a half an hour and would correspond with 2025, the end of a potential second Trump term in office. I believe it will happen sooner rather than later. I feel more comfortable with ranges than precise years.

  4. Trent Richards

    FDR died early in his 4th term, and served from March 4, 1933 to April 12 1945. (12 years). Many presidents serve for 8 years. Does this break your time-line theories?

    • Michael

      Think of it this way. Christ died Friday night shortly before sunset, He rose very early Sunday morning before sun rise. Total time of death could have been just a few hours more than a traditional 24 hour period, and was certainly far less than the 48 hours required to fulfill a strict definition of two days, much less the 72 hours required to fulfill a strict definition of three days. The point is, despite the number of hours that passed, there is clearly an interpretation regarding Christ’s death that fulfills the 3 day prophesy. So it is with Ezra’s Eagle. FDR was clearly elected to 4 terms, twice that of any other President in US history, and a law was passed before the end of his 4th term that prohibited any other President from being elected to more than half the terms he was. Wether we are talking about Christ’s death or Ezra’s prophecy, there is clearly an interpretation of the facts wherein both prophecies are true. So the answer to you question is no.

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