Ezra’s Eagle

Some time ago I was reading in the Apocrypha and came across a very interesting vision that Ezra had regarding a future kingdom represented by an eagle. Ezra, also know as Esdras, lived during the Jewish Babylonian captivity. He was instrumental in restoring the Jews back to their homeland after their 70 year exile.  I was fascinated by his vision, and had the feeling that it was important, but at the time I did not understand it.

Sometime later, after I had all but forgotten the experience, I awoke one bright summer morning with a strong impression that I needed to revisit Ezra’s eagle. So I did. That morning opened up 2nd Esdras and began reading the account again. This time, my experience was totally different. Things that confused me previously now made perfect sense. As I continued, my body began to tense. My stomach tightened and my legs began to nervously bounce around non-stop underneath my desk. I could not believe what I was reading, nor its relevance to our day.

Ezra’s vision spoke of the United States of America, and did so in amazing detail. I still can’t believe it, and even now as I write this, my legs have begun to bounce around uncontrollably as I contemplate the things of Ezra’s vision. It is absolutely incredible and a must read. It ties in seamlessly with everything I understood about the latter-day restoration of the House of Israel. Given its great importance, I included it in the beginning of my book a Remnant Shall Return, and have included a copy of that analysis on this blog. Please take the time to read it, and let me know what you think. If anyone can demonstrate how I have misinterpreted something, I would greatly appreciate your highlighting the fact, as I find the events foreseen, extremely alarming. You can read the vision of Ezra’s Eagle in Chapter Two of A Remnant Shall Return online.

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